Directed by Jacques Rivette

Directed by Jacques Rivette

Jacques Rivette was one of the central figures of the French New Wave, but remains perhaps the least seen. Beginning as a critic for Cahiers du Cinema, as with many of his Nouvelle Vague contemporaries such as Godard, Truffaut and Chabrol, Rivette would go on to make 8 short and 20 feature length films. Many of these are unconventional dramas that have an improvisational and loose feel, with running times far longer than conventional feature. He is often considered to be one of the more experimental of the New Wave filmmakers and his films often center around the experiences of women, such as JOAN THE MAID, LA BELLE NOISEUSE, and GANG OF FOUR.

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Directed by Jacques Rivette
  • La Belle Noiseuse (aka The Beautiful Troublemaker)

    "Hypnotically beautiful." - The New York Times

    The Grand Prix winner at the 1991 Cannes Film Festival, LA BELLE NOISSEUSE (aka THE BEAUTIFUL TROUBLEMAKER) is legendary French New Wave director Jacques Rivette’s intimately epic exploration of the convergence between artistry and eroticism. Edouar...

  • Joan the Maid - The Battles

    For the first installment of his ambitious yet restrained two-part study, director and co-screenwriter Rivette surveys the revelatory period where Joan met with royalty, joined the army, and led the French into battle against the English.

  • Joan the Maid - The Prisons

    The second part of Rivette’s diptych about Joan taps into the character’s vulnerability as it plays out windows in the final two years of Joan’s life, from the battlefield victory to prison life to the stake.