Directed by The Taviani Brothers

Directed by The Taviani Brothers

For seven decades, the Tavianis created films that combined the social concerns of Neorealism with often poetic visual power. We present three of their most unforgettable works: Palme d’Or winner "Padre Padrone", the epic "Kaos" and their masterpiece: "Night of the Shooting Stars".

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Directed by The Taviani Brothers
  • Padre Padrone

    "Stirringly affirmative...vivid and very moving." - The New York Times

    Winner of the coveted Palme d'Or, the story of young, barely literate shepherd boy Gavino who lives under the thumb of his tyrannical peasant father. He is ultimately rescued from his family and his isolated lifestyle by a ca...

  • Night of the Shooting Stars

    "One of the greatest films of the 1980's." - Film Threat

    Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival. Set during the summer of 1944 in a small Tuscan town caught between the threat of destruction by retreating German forces and the advancing American army, this is a bedtime ...

  • Kaos

    "Rigorous and eloquent, effortlessly poetic, KAOS is the Tavianis at their best." _ The New York Times

    With a free adaptation from Luigi Pirandello's words, the Taviani brothers have constructed an ethereal odyssey into the Sicilian landscape - with four stories and an epilogue - it brings toget...

  • Richard Pena introduces the Films of the Taviani Brothers

    Film critic Richard Pena introduces the Films of the Taviani Brothers (Night of the Shooting Stars, Padre Padrone, Kaos).