The Merchant Ivory Collection

The Merchant Ivory Collection

Founded by producer Ismail Merchant and director James Ivory (who were also life partners), "Merchant–Ivory" has made its way into common parlance, to denote a particular genre of film rather than the actual production company. Explore new restorations of works by one of the most successful and beloved filmmaking teams, including Academy Award and Cannes winners "Howards End" and "Quartet", Oscar nominee "Maurice", and Palme d’Or nominee "Heat and Dust".

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The Merchant Ivory Collection
  • Autobiography of a Princess

    At their annual tea party reunion, an Indian princess (Madhur Jaffrey), long divorced and living in self-exile in London, and her father’s ex-tutor, Cyril Sahib (James Mason) view home-movie footage of their formerlife in Royal India. While the recollections of the Princess are selective and hazi...

  • The Europeans

    The story of a family of pre-Civil War New Englanders and their European cousins.

  • Heat and Dust

    "Graceful, funny, literate and entertaining." - The New York Times

    Newly Restored! Cross-cutting between two generations, James Ivory’s sprawling epic of self-discovery is also a lush evocation of the prismatic and sensuous beauty of India. As she searches for answers to the mystery surrounding ...

  • Howards End

    "Merchant Ivory triumphs again with their entertaining, rich, textured film...Elegant, funny and romantic." - The New York Times

    Newly restored! One of Merchant Ivory’s undisputed masterpieces, this adaptation of E.M. Forster’s classic 1910 novel is a saga of class relations and changing times i...

  • Maurice

    "Superb. A Sensual and intoxicating romance." - The Washington Post

    Newly Restored! From the acclaimed Merchant Ivory Productions. Set against the stifling conformity of pre-World War I English society, E.M. Forster's Maurice is a story of coming to terms with one's sexuality and identity in the...

  • Quartet

    In adapting Jean Rhys's 1928 autobiographical novel, Merchant Ivory achieved an artistic breakthrough that remains one of the team's finest works. In one of her greatest performances, Isabelle Adjani plays the vulnerable but complicated West-Indian Marya, who, after her shady husband Stefan (Anth...

  • Shakespeare Wallah

    Elegiac and atmospheric, Shakespeare Wallah was the feature film that really put Merchant Ivory Productions on the international movie map, winning them great critical acclaim and now recognized as a classic. Starring Shashi Kapoor, Madhur Jaffrey, and a young Felicity Kendal, the film's inspirat...

  • The Making of The Bostonians with James Ivory and Tim Robey

    Director James Ivory and film critic Tim Robey discuss the making of "The Bostonians."

  • James Ivory on The Bostonians

    Director James Ivory reflects on the making of "The Bostonians" at New York City's Quad Cinema.

  • The Making of The Europeans

    Featurette on the making of the Merchant-Ivory film The Europeans.

  • Conversations from The Quad: The Europeans

    A discussion on the making of The Europeans at New York's Quad Cinema.

  • Greta Scacchi and Nickolas Grace Remember Heat and Dust

    Actors Greta Scacchi and Nickolas Grace reflect on the making of Merchant Ivory's "Heat and Dust."

  • Merchant Ivory's Royal India - James Ivory & Chris Terrio Discuss Heat and Dust

    James Ivory and Chris Terrio discuss Heat and Dust.

  • James Ivory and Pierre Lhomme on the Making of MAURICE

    Join director James Ivory and cinematographer Pierre Lhomme as they discuss making MAURICE, one of their many collaborations.

  • A Director's Perspective

    An intimate director-to-director conversation between James Ivory and Tom (SPOTLIGHT) McCarthy.

  • On Stage with James Ivory and Pierre Lhomme Discussing Maurice

    Director James Ivory and cinematographer Pierre Lhomme discuss making Maurice

  • The Making of Quartet with James Ivory and Tim Robey

    The Making of Quartet with James Ivory and Tim Robey

  • James Ivory and Madhur Jaffrey Remember Shakespeare Wallah

    James Ivory and Madhur Jaffrey discuss Shakespeare Wallah.